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Hello my name is Sarah-Kay (I sound like I should be in an AA meeting!). As you might have gathered I am new to this blogging malarkey, I’m what’s known as a late bloomer. I don’t really know the blogging etiquette so not sure where to start. Maybe the reason why I’m doing a blog now would help?

I am a self confessed social networking addict, I think it stems down to me being a nosey parker! I am constantly on Facebook and Twitter. I find I use Facebook for gossip, friends and family, posting countless photos of the kids, ‘liking’ other people’s photos and generally having a giggle with friends that I both see and haven’t seen in ages. Then I use Twitter to basically read all about what celebrities are doing, join in in live tv debates, moan and read people’s blogs that they have linked to their site. The latter is the main reason why I am attempting to start my own blog. For the last year or so I have read a friend’s blog and really enjoyed reading what she has to say. She has had me laughing out loud, crying, sympathising and agreeing to pretty much everything she has to say. I can relate to her on so many levels, when we were at University together, we had a few lectures together and we hung out a bit with mutual friends but I never thought we were so similar until we found each other on the social networking scene and had kids and that was when I started reading her blogs. They help me feel like I’m not the only one with issues and problems manifested from having kids. I look forward to her next blog so much i usually only go onto Twitter for that reason! I only do all the other things on there when she’s not been on to to say how her day has been going or to say she’s written something new.
So here I am, starting a new chapter in the hope that I can give just one person the same as what my friend has given me, the inspiration to write about my life the ups the downs, the taboo and the comedy moments and everything in between. Plus I need to be able to show to myself that i can still write, read and spell as my literacy skills since having kids have been about zero! Another reason is to save all my memories and thoughts so in years to come I can 1) embarrass the kids and 2) remember it all (I have an atrocious memory!).

So now all I have to do is work out how to put links to my friend’s blog, insert images and figure out what the difference between a page and a blog is…so in a nutshell, figure out how to blog! Any help greatly appreciated

If you want to read the lady’s blog that has inspired me so much please go to her page: http://littleeandbean.com/

Thanks to Steph for inspiring me to write my own blogs, hope you get as much enjoyment, empathy from mine as i do yours