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The beginning

By the time I was 30 I expected to be in a decent happy job, have a family, nice house and car and be pretty content with life. As it turns out when I turned 30 I had 1 child, lived in an ok house (shame about the neighbours though…proper chavs! But then what do you expect when you buy a house in a council estate!), we did have 1 nice car but then 1 complete wreck. So all in all not too bad but it has taken a lot to get to that point.

At university I did a degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy for the sole reason that I really enjoyed them, at the time there was no thought of getting a job from it.  The only two prospects from the degree where 1) become part of the clergy or 2) become a teacher and both were flawed as I am an atheist and didn’t think I was very intelligent. So from university i just found jobs to suit mine, and at the time boyfriend’s (now husband) life. The list goes as follows: A bar steward at uni Bar staff in countless bars and restaurants Laboratory worker in a factory that makes anti-venom for snake bites Recruitment consultant for about 2 months until I got told I had to do cold calling….then I quit Factory worker making boxes and filling them Bar/restaurant manager Teacher but only maternity cover and a bit of supply Bookings clerk Administrator Activity coordinator in a nursing home (of which is my current job but on maternity leave from ot at the moment Seamstress

Hmm quite a lot of jobs really over the last 12 years. From university i have never known what i wanted to do until 7 years ago i actually looked into teacher (mainly from my mum pestering and pestering me to do it!) and that was when we decided to move back up to Manchester from Cardigan for a year so i could complete teacher training and get some really rubbish job, namely making boxes.

So that was it, i had completed my PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) and just needed to complete my nqt year (newly qualified teacher) within 5 years of doing my PGCE. Easy I hear you say? Lots of secondary teaching jobs i hear you say? Well maybe for big cities but in rural areas such as Cardigan where there are 7 secondary schools in a 30 mile radius 2 of which are fluent Welsh, 3 that are bi-lingual but that my subject is taught in Welsh, that only leaves 2 English speaking schools I can teach in, and do you think the Religious Education teachers leave for other jobs, or retire?……No is the answer to that question. So I had to do whatever I could to get work.

I did find work only to be made redundant  from it whilst I was on maternity leave when my little girl was 1 week old….yes I said 1 week! Needless to say I appealed as I found out it was illegal for them to do this and after a lengthy battle with them causing so much stress we settled out of court. The added twist to this was my husband also worked for the same company and get this…he got made redundant at the same time! I eventually found work again, but still no teaching so settled for an activity coordinator job in a nursing home, a very rewarding job for residents who are all last stage dementia patients, which makes it a very challenging job…but still not teaching and not what I want to be doing.


So here I am today, on maternity leave from a job I do want to be doing again. My initial idea when we found out we were pregnant again was to pursue a job from home as there was no way we could afford for me to go back to the job and pay for 2 children in child care. So because I am also a seamstress (thanks to my mum, which is what she’s done since she was 12!) I thought seen as i have been doing sewing work on and off for friends and family for years I would make a business from it and be able to work from home looking after my two children and earning money. The plan was to get it up and running  whilst on maternity leave.  before #2 was born i had a business plan and financial projections in place, alongside a functioning website, twitter, Facebook and pinterest site with a list of potential merchandise to make. All i needed was the initial funding to get it started. My newborn baby arrived and that is were the dream of owning my own business and working from home looking after my kids has stopped! He is far more attached to me than my daughter was and feeds every couple of hours even now at 4 months old, so as you can imagine i have absolutely no time, not even in the evenings to get any sewing done at all.

Back to the drawing board

This is were we have decided we’ve had enough and have now re-registered with a teaching supply agency and have decided to go back to supply as of september. It all does depend and number of factors but hopefully it will all turn out fine and as long as i can get into the schools i will have a better chance at getting a full-time permanent teaching post.

Fingers crossed Watch this space