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WP_20130615_00120130615093153I wake up to what might be a pretty nice day, sun shining and no rain…yet! Today is coffee morning and bric and brac sale to help raise funds for the charity run Meithrin that Lilwen attends 4 mornings a week and absolutely adores. I don’t normally like going to these sort of things, especially round here as there is a bit of a ‘click’ in this village, of which we’re not part of…yet.


Well I wrote that paragraph at 7am and it’s now 9am and that beautiful bright day has clouded over and is now torrential rain! Secretly I’m glad as it means that it will be held in the village hall instead of, and I quote from the flyer that we got, ‘Mr Gollop’s house’ I had to ask who that was and where that was! See i told you I wasn’t part of the ‘Click’. As it turns out Mr Gollop is the treasurer and he lives about 700m away, but the village hall is closer being that it’s at the end of our road about 100m away.


We ran to the village hall in the monsoon and still managed to get soaked! Inside was an auction table full of booze, raffle table, book stall, cake raffle, 3 bric a brac tables and 4 large tables full of different cakes! How on earth this was all going to fit into someone’s house is beyond me. Lilwen made a beeline for her Meithrin teacher Ms Brown so I was able to go round all the stalls buying 1 or 2 tickets for all the raffles. I later found Lilwen on the lap of the lady running the cake raffle (and no we don’t know her) she was helping take the money and give the tickets, so i bought 2 for us. We then proceeded to spend the next hour and a half eating cakes, biscuits and her playing with all her friends from Meithrin and me drinking tea and talking with all the mums  (I actually felt part of the ‘click’!). We stayed until the raffle prizes were drawn and when we got to the cake draw, Lilwen ran over and sat on the cake lady’s lap and guess what?…our ticket won the cake! We also won a candle and a bottle of tomato ketchup!WP_20130615_004

As you can imagine Lilwen was mega excited about the cake, and the lovely cake lady who actually made it was kind enough to carry it home for me as I had a toddler in one hand and a pram with baby Gwion in the other.

So the moral of the story is always take part in scheduled events as you never know what will happen- see uber amazing chocolate cake!