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My beautiful little boy, where to start
You have made our family complete, the nuclear family!
Your Daddy named you 3 years before you were even born, we loved the name and just knew it would be perfect for you.
Your name is a very strong one and has very conflicting meanings but what we do know is that it was the name of a highly influential bard in Welsh history…no pressure then!

WP_20130217_004When it came to your arrival into the world, we knew you were going to be big but we didn’t quite know HOW big! I mean, BIG! You were 10lb 10oz!

When you were still 4 weeks from arriving we had some professional photos taken



You arrived screaming, just to let us know you had arrived and straight away you wanted comfort from us.  From the moment we set eyes on you we loved you just as much as we do your sister.

Your eyes were dark blue when you were born and over the first 4 months they have gradually got lighter and lighter and are now electric, surrounded by long luscious lashes.  You had quite a bit of dark brown hair that has since gone lighter at the roots and at the time of writing this we’re waiting for it grow more so that we can see if you’re going to be curly like your sister too.  No matter what it turns out like, you are certainly going to break hearts with that smile.

WP_20130526_016A mummy’s boy through and through, you love the warm touch of skin to skin and I love it when you rub your nose and cheeks into my shoulder just to make me hold you that bit closer so I can stroke your head with my chin and take in your beautiful scent.

At the moment you are currently mastering rolling over, you can already roll to each side and back and then over onto your front, but then you are marooned and get a little techy when you can’t get back! You can sit up with the help of aids and have just noticed your feet, you have also been teething for about a month and a half but no sign of those illusive peggies!  You can grab and hold things with a vise like grip, including my hair! which takes some unravelling from you grip.  You have completely outgrown your 3-6 months clothing due to you being so long and you are currently supporting 6-9 clothes rather baggily!  You are only 4 months old, this should not be happening this quickly.

I look forward to spending all those moments with you, growing, learning, loving, comforting and just being you

We love you so much

All our love

Mummy and Daddy