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Yet another thing recommended by my lovely friend Steph (I’m starting to become a bit of a cyber-stalker! Sorry Steph!) the sleepywrap. I’ve tried quite a few carriers and wraps over the years: The Babasling, Tomy carrier, Vaude backpack and the Bobawrap or Sleepywrap (I think they are the same company)

The babasling was the first one I bought and it was ok when Lilwen was first born, to sleep in. babasling 1st tryWhen she got bigger and wrigglier it became more difficult to get her in plus as she grew it put more pressure on the one shoulder it was over which made it get very uncomfortable after a half hour or so. So we ditched that and got a Tomy carrier which worked well until she grew too big for that too, that one was quite good as the husband willing to wear it. The only down side of the Tomy was all the buckles, it was like getting into Fort Knocks!  03062011205We then got a Vaude back pack  carrier which is great for those long distance days out, it’s light, very comfy, loads of support and the base also is a bag to put all those baby essentials in.

2012-09-02-244As you can see we are fans of the carrier and sling for babies.  There are a few reasons why, namely that you have free hands and you don’t have to take the pram everywhere then, even though we have the best pram ever it is a hassle and it takes up valuable shopping space in the car!

So when baby #2 came along I wanted to try out another sling/wrap, the Bobawrap/Sleepywrap which a friend had highly recommended.  I wasn’t willing to pay full price for it (even if we had the money there is no way I would pay the full price for essentially a very long strip of material!). Now since Gwion was born 4 months ago I don’t think there has gone a day where I have not worn it! That is until I mis-placed it last week and the world ended…I kid you not, I just wanted to cry when I thought I had lost it.  I spent an entire day, in between feeds and play time, turning the house upside down for it.  I even called some of the local shops I had visited and driven to the car parks and shops that I had visited the day that it went missing! I can not explain how important this wrap is, it turns out, after 4 days of readjusting to life without the wrap, it was under a pile of the husbands work clothes phew.  The wrap is so easy to use, once you get the hang of putting it on its great, it keeps your little one close, helps settle them, It distributes the weight so evenly I don’t even feel how heavy he is (and he is! at 4 1/2 months old he’s already 17lb!).  I have had a day of firsts with the wrap today too and I have managed to feed whilst walking around the shops, go me!


So another thankyou goes out to Steph for recommending the wrap…any other recommendations?