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I have been vegetarian for about 12 years and the husband for even longer and we are bringing up our children as vegetarian too.  My mum has always said I have never liked eating meat from a very early age, she even resorted to hiding the meat under the vegetables to get me to eat it, and then when I was able to understand what we were eating I disliked it even more. It wasn’t until I met my husband at university did I go from being essentially a Pescatarian to a full Vegetarian. My husband even refrains from eating certains brands of foods too, namely Nestle for their harsh marketing and in-ethical products of infant formula and breaking rules set by the ASA.  We thrive on a Vegetarian diet, just ask my doctor! He says that being a vegetarian has helped to reduce my cholesterol, and as I suffer from a very high cholesterol level (an average level should be between 3-5, mine averages at 8-9) on top of the medication anything to bring it down is good news.

So as you can imagine, when I went to do a quick lunch for my daughter and I today of tinned soup I had a bit of a shock when I looked at the label to see chicken in it. It was a sweet potato and carrot soup! Why on earth did it have chicken stock and chicken in it? I am usually an avid label checker but this one must have slipped through my radar, I feel like such a rooky not a veteran vegetarian, this should not have happened. To make matters worse was that we have had this soup a couple of times before…and eaten it!!!!! I can’t tell you how repulsed I was at this fact, so I got to thinking what other foods in our supermarkets are surprisingly not vegetarian.

First off there are the dreaded ‘E’ numbers, the ones I know of are: 120, 542, 631 & 635

Then we have the products containing gelatine or rennet: Campbell’s soup,s Ceasar salad dressing, Parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, Tortillas, Guinness, Muller light yoghurts

There are obviously sooooooooo many more products that we veges can’t eat but these I find the most surprising and ever so slightly annoying!

So, moto revaluated, DOUBLE check ALL labels

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