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I am jealous of those lovely families that have something to look forward to each week. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore my family, we’re doing ok, we’re healthy, fit and pretty secure, we have our own house, a couple of cars and we have jobs…and therein lies the problem.

I, myself am on maternity leave and so my job is to be ‘Mummy’ to two wonderful children and my husband works.  The first problem with his work is that it is completely different to what he wants to be doing and is just a means to an end (due to being made redundant from his dream job, of which he held for 12 years! The job he has now was the only job available at the time).  The second problem I have with his work is that it is highly irregular, he went from a 9-5 with occasional weekends outdoor pursuits instructor to an open contract night-time social/care worker!

He has doing this job for over 2 years now and in that time we’ve never known what shifts he is going to work until the friday before each week starting!  This as you can imagine causes massive problems for any other part of normal functioning life.  We are forever putting off arranging anything just in case he has to work (and no, he can’t book holidays as he has none left), and if we do arrange to go somewhere for a week and he lets the office know that he won’t be available for those days, they go ahead and rota him into those days anyway because they are idiots! So he either spends hours calling up his colleagues trying to swap shifts or whatever we have arranged gets postponed or cancelled.

Then we come to the matter of hours, he never gets regular hours which means the wage fluctuates and if he has to do a day shift the wage differs tremendously again. What gets us the most is when, like this week, he gets his rota and he works Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights 7.15pm-10.15am, great I hear you say? Not really as on friday he gets next weeks rota and it’s Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights, so we have now lost ‘Daddy’ to 8 days 7 nights.  He has to sleep all day thursday before his shift, each day after his shift, sunday to recover from the 3 shifts and then start again for the next shifts starting on monday until thursday afternoon! So essentially I am a single mum for this duration…it’s hard!

All this whinging brings me back to me being jealous of those lovely families that have regular weekends to look forward to at the end of each week.  Those two days where you can focus on your family, go out for the day, spend some quality time together, have those little delights that the kids desperately look forward to and just generally socialise. We do not have those and I really miss them

Boo hiss to those who do

enjoy them, savour them but don’t rub my face in it please

Ok, whine over, thanks for reading, and sorry!