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It was a big day iWP_20130703_024 (1)n our house as it was Lilwen’s first ever sports day.  She was to run in a race alongside 5 other Meithrins (nursery).  We got our packed lunch and walked down the road to our village sports field.  TWP_20130703_025here was quite a crowd already there but we found our Meithrin after being stopped by a man sat at a wallpaper table on the entrance gate charging everyone £1 to enter! hmm, really? You’re going to charge me £1 to go onto a public field to watch my daughter run from one end to the other?  I wouldn’t have minded had they told us about it in advance, and so I had to embarrassingly borrow £1 from a friend as I had not thought to bring my purse.WP_20130703_011

Once in the field we set up camp for our picnic lunch after the shenanigans had finished.  They had arranged the races into 3 age groups: under 2’s, 2yr olds & 3yr olds with each age group having 4 races.  Lilwen was in the 2yr olds and in the 3rd race, so we entertained ourselves with watching the other races, clapping and shouting encouragements like “come on, run” which was Lilwen’s contribution!

The first race was the under 2’s and say it was painful to watch was an understatement! The poor little babies being held at the start line were already looking dishevelled and frankly scared witless by the amount of people around them shouting and distracting them, when the race begun all they did was cry or scream being chaperoned down to the finish line.  There was one little boy who was so against moving anywhere, his dad took his dummy and was luring him down the field with the promise of getting his dummy back! The poor little lamb just screamed blue murder all the way until the dad just gave up and gave him the dummy and picked him up to carry him to the finish line! It was very hard to watch.

We eventually got to Lilwen’s race, she was all excited and ran to the start line to meet Ms Brown her Meithrin’s leader.  Daddy went to the finish line and was wielding the camera, off she went and as Lilwen does so well…..jogged to the finish line, grinning like a Cheshire cat and loving every second of the attention, hence why she sauntered to the finish line, savouring it all to come in last place, but that was not the point, she absolutely loved taking part in the activity and we adored watching her.WP_20130703_003

All these firsts are so exciting not only for Lilwen but for us as parents, no matter how small they might be, and we have many many more to comeWP_20130703_020!WP_20130703_017