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I donated breast milk this weekend and feel quite proud of myself.

There are many reasons why people need to use milk donations, and each one, in my opinion is worth while.

It all came about when a few days ago a friend shared a link from ‘Human milk 4 human babies UK‘ Facebook site page she wrote:
Hi all, my 17 week old son is slow to gain weight and I am doing everything I possibly can to not supplement with formula, a friend is donating milk but only small amounts….can anyone in Carmarthenshire/ Pembrokeshire donate? I can travel to you, any help greatly appreciated!

So I thought, seeing as I have been expressing for a while now I had surplus in the freezer I contacted her through the Facebook link and offered 6 bags of 7oz breastmilk. She was doing a drive round and was picking up lots of donations in and around my village, so she swung by, picked up the milk and dropped off some lovely fresh organic eggs as way of thanks! Bless her

I feel really chuffed that I can donate my milk, I never got the chance to do it with my last baby and the thought that it is helping another baby gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s lovely.

I can’t donate blood so milk just seems like the next best thing, such a rewarding feeling I will definately do it again