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I know, I know, everyone will say that their best friend is brilliant, but honestly I have an amazing friend.  She has been there for me for pretty much every momentous occasion, from the fabulous to the most painful, supporting and helping as much as humanly possible.

She is one of those sickeningly natural Mummies, nothing phases her, she never shouts, she has the patience of a saint, she is generous and thoughtful and not only does she have a 2yr old toddler, she has 3 mahoosive dogs (1 being a Malamut Husky!), 1 cat, a kitten, she is also practically a single mum as her partner works more hours than anyone I know!

So you see, she really is an amazing person and today she just knew I was on the verge of breaking, just by looking at me.  So she took Lilwen and her little girl Caitlin to the beach on her own and told me to go home with Gwion (who had finally fallen asleep after nearly 2hrs of screaming) and rest, so I am, I am watching tv writing this blog whilst Gwion is STILL asleep (1 1/2hrs so far). I am purposefully leaving the washing, hoovering, cleaning and laundry so I can sit and chill.

It’s not the first time she has just looked at me and knew what was going on, she did it when I fell pregnant with Gwion.  Even with her own problems she has nothing but support and help whenever I need it.  She has come round without invitation and just stepped in to take control of things for me (very much appreciated, even if I didn’t know it at the time).  She’s been there when I just need to vent or cry or just gossip!

If there was an award for the best friend in the world…mine would win

Everyone needs to get themselves a Patsy!

Love her so much