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I have just read an article on Netmums about eating out with children and how difficult it is to find places that offer decent, healthy food for kids and I completely agree. Here’s the article: http://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/general-coffeehouse-chat-514/news-current-affairs-topical-discussion-12/960758-kid-s-menus-full-burgers-chicken-nuggets.html#post9520377

To add to this we are all vegetarian and this poses an even bigger problem, especially since some people are uneducated to know that a vegetarian does not eat fish, that is a pescatarian! (If I had been given £1 for every time I have had to explain that, I would seriously be rich!). So not only are the kids menus full of processed junk food that’s not even cooked at the venue but frozen and reheated, there is never or very rarely a vegetarian option!

We went out with family to a very popular local restaurant/pub on the weekend and low and behold there was only one vegetarian adult meal and not one kids vegetarian option. So the husband and I both had the mozzarella burger with salad and chips and we had to ask what choices Lilwen had, the waitress came back and offered a pasta dish with vegetables. Now i don’t know about you but when I go out for food, one of the main reasons is to try something new and different, maybe something I wouldn’t normally make. So what we got wasn’t anything special and to add insult to injury was dry and burnt!

It would be so refreshing to go somewhere and know that the menu was made there from fresh, have a variety of options and have little things like baby/toddler cutlery too. In a society as varied as our own, with many more vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians and celiacs than ever before you’d think that food establishments would cater more for them than they do.

This is why we very rarely go out