Recently, when we’ve been out and about we have had several people comment on how beautiful our daughter Lilwen is, and asked if we have thought about baby/toddler modelling?  Now obviously being a Mother, I am going to think that my children are indeed beautiful and without shadow of a doubt perfect, but I have never really thought about putting her forward for such advertising.  WP_20130726_035

That is until I looked into it on the internet and started to think….well….actually, she really is beautiful….and she does do many poses already….It’s not like she’ll be working 5 days a week on sets but will get a call as and when a client chooses her picture from a boat load of others her age, and she can earn quite a lot of money which can go in her trust fund ready for when she turns 18, so why not?

Not one of my friends have done anything like this so I don’t really have anything to base any arguments I might have on, so what do you think?

Blink_749c430b-9632-4101-93a5-840ee35b2e6c_9 (1)(1)I am linking the picture of my gorgeous daughter Lilwen posing in her princess dress and tiara with a rather cool new photo linky over at Podcast- What’s the story