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I wish I had started blogging when you were still growing in my tummy, I’m ashamed to say that I have forgotten lots about that magical time in my life, carrying you for 41 weeks and watching you grow within me was a wonderful experience. You made yourself known from 17 weeks and kicked every time I moved quickly or sat for long periods.  The most vivid memory of carrying you was when I ate mushrooms! You either liked them or hated them as every time I ate them you did somersaults in my tummy.

baby bump progression

When you came into this world you made your voice heard! You screamed for about 10 minutes whilst you were cleaned, weighed and wrapped.  You weighed 8lb 2oz and was born at 10.17am.  Daddy was the first to hold you, he looked down at you beaming from ear to ear with a small tear in his eye, happy you had arrived safely.  When I held you for the first time I was overcome with emotion I started shaking and crying all at the same time, I don’t think I quite realised how much I already loved you.



16 mins oldDaddy chose your name and it means White Lily (but then you already know that), but what you don’t know is how you came to be called it.  Daddy was taking a canoe trip about a month before you were born and there was a family on it with a little girl.  After they had left, your Daddy told me about them and said their daughter’s name was really lovely but that he couldn’t remember what it was, but he knew the meaning.  So me being the new Welsh learner went about trying different mutations but could not figure it out (I know I know, it’s bloody simple!), so I eventually gave up and called the family and asked them what their daughter was called, as you can imagine it was quite a weird telephone call! As soon as I had heard it, that was it, whatever names we had in mind up to that point were scrapped (the names we had chosen were Ffion or Gwion, as we did not know what sex you were).

You are growing into a very independent little lady, with your daddy’s intellect and my temper! You are extremely bright and have always been more advanced than any other toddler in the language department (you are definitely your mother’s daughter!). You love nothing better than to climb over Daddy like a climbing frame and sing every possible nursery song known to man!

You love you school, friends and family especially your grandparents who always bathe you in love, affection and more to your taste…presents!  You are definitely a socialite and thoroughly enjoy spending all your time either playing with or talking about your friends and what you do together and where you go, you love being the centre of attention.

I want you to love your life, family and friends and be the best you can ever be….but if you become a successful entrepeneur and want to give your hard-working loving parents some cash then by all means please do!

Thank you for being you

Sues birthday prof shot 3 Nov 2012 001

We love you with every beat of our hearts

Mummy and Daddy