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Well tonight for the first time in my little son’s 6 and a half month life, he has gone to bed on his own in his own room!!!

So far I’m doing ok………………………..

I think it won’t actually sink in, this massive stage in both our lives until tonight when I go to bed. I won’t have to stealth crawl from the bottom of my bed and silently squeeze under my duvet and try to grab a bit of sleep before he realises that the ‘milk’ has returned!

Since Gwion arrived into this world we have co-slept and it has been the best decision ever, it has made breastfeeding such a delight.  We have both been able to sleep and unlike my daughter who was bottle-fed I have felt a different bond with my boy. I have loved the reliance he has of me, although I must admit it would be nice if he fed from something other than me to give me just a little break but technicalities!

So back to the breaking news that is Gwion is asleep in his own room in his own cot and will be for the forseeable future

I think the killer is going to be the millions of feeds on the rocking chair not in bed (boo to having to actually wake up and move to feed!) in the night, then the settling him back in his cot that might turn me into the mummyzilla from hell!

So here’s hoping to a smooth introduction to his new night-time routine and the end of an era











I may be a little bit more emotional later arrgghh!