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Some people like reading, listening to music, writing, watching tv, painting, I on the other like doing craft.

I have always been good with my hands (que giggling!), from a very early age my mum used to get me to draw little pictures in cards and you would often find me sat drawing or painting pictures. I used to love creating things from different papers (at the time I didn’t know about origami, i was only young!). I liked using my knitting dolly and helping my mum sew stuff. So i have always made things, and this has continued into my adult life.  I have advanced just a smidge from then obviously, and I love nothing better than learning a new craft to add to my imaginary crafters bow, and recently I have been doing that.

I love nothing more than, creating things, sitting watching mind-numbing tv and upholstering something or refashioning something old into some thing new or making my own products whether it be clothing, accessories or anything else I put my mind to.  In the last few months I have upcydcled clothes, made curtains, blinds, cushions, foot puffs, upholstered chairs, made lap trays, created rufflebum nappies, made hats and skirts.

But since the birth of Ford#2 Gwion, I have had very little time to do any of my hobbies, as he is such a mummy’s boy and always seems to be attached to me….the husband doesn’t have boobs! The husband and I discussed worklife before I went on maternity leave with Gwion and we agreed that I was to hand my notice in at work and become a housewife, rearing our children and I was to establish my already existent (albeit very young) sewing company Aberteifi & Stitch (For those who don’t know- Aberteifi is the Welsh for Cardigan which is the town that we live in/next to).  I have been operating Aberteifi & Stitch for a few years but on a very basic level, via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through good old word of mouth- which to be honest with you has been more lucrative than all of the others.  The plan was to develop my website and create a collection of products to advertise on it over the time on maternity and then by the time I was due to return to work I would have a slightly more functional company (plus a little part-time job in a cafe or something to tide us over).

Can you guess how much of this actually got done? Hmmm

So now, finally after 7 months of feeding, sleepless days and nights and everything else that entails having a baby I have been able to get back to what I love. I have even added more “strings” to my “bow” by learning a few new crafts such as soap making, macrame and crochet. But alas, I have had to abandon the self-employed status and resort to going back to work, but at least I’m going back to something I do love…teaching.  I did hand my notice in at work, but not to advance my sewing business but to go back into teaching, and the only way you can do that in this rural area is to do supply teaching until a full-time position opens up.   Not stable work unfortunately but at least I get my foot in the door with the local schools and hopefully if something more permanent opens up they may well ask me to fill that role.  On the plus side, supply teaching is basically turn up, teach the lessons and go home…no marking/planning/parent’s evenings etc etc and it does mean that I still have spare time in the evening to do my craft thing, woohoo!