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This week has been a very momentous week in the Ford household:

Firstly, My little boy cut his first tooth on 28th September and subsequently his second tooth on 2nd October, and he has been really quite good about it! (I do believe it has something to do with the amber teething necklace that he wears, my daughter wore one too and she was also very good with teething…coincidence? I think not!). Oh and then he learnt how to clap which is soooooo cute! 

WP_20130929_009 WP_20130929_008Second, My daughter turned 3 on 30th September, how quickly that has gone is mad.  She had a fabulous day, although the tantrums towards the end of the day suggested it may have been a bit too much for her to go to Meithrin in the morning and then all afternoon visitors from family and a mass load of presents to open and play with! But she did have a lovely day, for the majority anyway.


Third, My little boy joined my daughter at the childminders for the first time, even though we still hadn’t cracked the drinking from anything other than me! But he still did very well for the 2 days he was there, although he did struggle a bit from lack of boob on the second day.

Fourth, My daughter had a big joint 3rd birthday party in the village hall, complete with bouncy castle, balloon drop, soft play, colour the castle and face painting.  The party was amazing, loads of fun was had my all and Lilwen looked a million dollars in her cinderella dress and glass slippers, such lovely memories were made.

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Fifth, I did my first ever attempt at said face painting, I offered to do it  thinking “how hard can it be?”, hmm well it was not as easy as I had first thought and I kind of wished I didn’t offer as I spent the entirety of said birthday party painting loads of faces! I do believe I got better as I went on but there was some shocking attempts…sorry kids ha!


So what I have learnt this week is:

Don’t always expect the worst, especially when my son is concerned, he is quite a resilient little boy and will cope better than I give him credit for.

That I love my kids but wow it is nice to have a bit of a break from them for a while! Greatly appreciated

Birthday parties always come with…the kid that wants to strip down to their underwear within 5 minutes of arriving (see pictures), the kid that just won’t leave you alone no matter how many tasks you give them to do to just disappear for a bit…the kid that just wants to touch/move/take/destroy everything even though it’s not theirs…and the kid that will just refuse point-blank to dress up at all in a costume/fancy dress.  All good fun though

Don’t hand your notice in at work unless you know for definite that you are going to get teaching work on supply!!!!!!!!! (Not panicking just yet, but it’s not looking good especially when a lot of bills are starting to bounce now! arrgghh)