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Over the years I have always tried to find the cheapest way to do things whether it’s shopping, making things or just finding things for free.  I have gradually noticed that this is all leading to self-sufficiency. I don’t want to be completely self-sufficient as I am too attached to my mod cons and luxuries but to have a large element that I can do on my own or for free or for very little money would help us out a lot, especially at the moment being that I am on maternity leave with two kids, and a husband trying desperately to work two jobs to keep us afloat until I start back in work/get more teacher supply work.

I only just noticed this week how much I do at home to keep costs to a minimum, to start with we have:
1) reusable nappies, of which both my children have used pretty much from day one, but good for me now is I only have one of them in nappies as the big one has potty trained herself. Phew! WP_20130815_002
2) reusable baby wipes- these are great, they are soft and because they are soaked in tea tree they are antibacterial too
3) upcylcling/refashioning clothes this I have only just started doing but already I’m hooked and have done a few testers, like changing a mans T-shirt into a woman’s peplum top and changing a man’s shirt into a woman’s peasant blouse, I have also made quite a few cotbed and single bed fitted sheets from spare double flat sheets and I have even reused our table cloths from our wedding as lining for curtains, blinds, bedding and kids costumes!

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4) Soap and deodorant making- I have only just recently learnt how to do this, but ‘by gum’ I’m going to keep on making it…It’s fab!

5) Now we get to the hard-core self-sufficiency Vegetables, we have been in our house for 5 years and have only just got round to getting our veg plot ready to start growing! It has been a dream of mine to do, but millions of things have got in the way and have stopped me from getting going, but now the garden is pretty much ready to start planting not only vegetables but actual plants I thought it was high time we veggies get growing our own.  So this is still really a while off completing but it’s a start.

WP_20130811_004 WP_20130811_005

I’m sure there are plenty more things that we do as a family to help keep costs down but so far this will do us, and I love that whatever we do the children will benefit immensely from, whether it be fab unique clothing (note: not quirky clothing! We’re not hippies and I am well aware of reasons for bullying especially when the kids get to school age!), to fresh and nutritional food.  I am proud of where we are in the world and what we do to contribute to it and I hope to pass on our experience and knowledge to my children and hope that they respect and value things as we do