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A blog about a rocking chair? I hear you ask…damn right, my rocking chair is amazing, I use it everyday and so does my cat who uses it as a preening station and also to sleep on! Cheeky puddy tat


It has been passed down from my mother to sister and then to me and will  undoubtedly be passed onto my daughter too.
It’s been well used through the years to help nurse my sister, me, my niece, nephew, daughter and now son and i hope my grandchildren too (scary thought!).
You can tell it has been used a lot as the back bars are beautifully bent, which only add to it’s comfort. Both my children have also used it as a climbing frame which has probably helped bend the bars too, oops!

It’s moved from house to house, from town to village to different county’s and countries. It’s been re-upholstered several times (by my good self twice none the less), cleaned and dusted and in some cases left to get dirty (according to my mother)! Naughty sister!
But the soul, the essence, the integrity of the chair has prevailed.
I love my rocking chair and I don’t know what I would do without it…oh yes I do, I’d be sat on a mundane, bog standard, boring old chair that didn’t help to settle my baby. It wouldn’t move, nor would it make that lovely rickety crickety wooden creaking noise that is white noise to a baby helping to send it to sleep.
It is so loved in our family that, my mum has asked for it back after i finish nursing my son! I might have to get pregnant again just so that i have a reason to keep it!!!

DSCN1666 (2)late night feed

PS. Note my beautiful daughter sporting my lovely Rufflebum nappies I make and sell on my friend’s website www.bumdealnappies.co.uk