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Like many people we had a Halloween party to go to, so I got Lilwen dressed up in her pumpkin outfit (she insisted on wearing the same dress from last year, this was great for me as I had not prepared anything for her this year! Oops, bad mummy) and off we went. It was a special party as it was her best friend’s birthday too.

The moment we got to the house I knew Lilwen was not going to like it but I didn’t say anything and carried on up the drive to the front door. The house was covered in pumpkins, lights, skulls, blood streamers out of the windows, candles (out of reach of course), basically, the works. 

They had a skull doorbell on a board at the front door, so I said to Lilwen “Press the button”…I know, I know I shouldn’t have got a 3-year-old to push a really scary button on Halloween, but in my defence I thought it would just make a noise I didn’t expect to see the mouth drop open and a dead mouse fall out! Lilwen jumped so high, screamed and bit her lip, that should have told me “turn round and go back home” but nooooo we went in.

We went to go up the stairs to where the party was (topsy-turvy house) and the dad jumped out in FULL ‘Scream’ regalia going ‘ooooooooooooooooo’! Well that was enough to make any adult jump a bit but a little toddler? She screamed so high even bats would have had to cover their ears, then bolted out the door and proceeded to run down the drive.  I had to quickly gallop after her and stop her just short of the road, by this point she was crying lots and blabbering some random words I couldn’t make head nor tail of, but she was still tightly gripping her friend’s birthday present so she eventually got out the words “Lotty”, “birthday” and “give” so I took it to mean she still wanted to go and give her friend the present.

We finally ventured inside, where the dad was looking very sheepish and couldn’t stop apologising, but Lilwen wouldn’t go anywhere near him (and for her, that is very strange, being the most sociable toddler ever…uasually). We got upstairs and we spent all of 30 minutes at the party, me cuddling and consoling her, for every single adult and child was in full Halloween costume with face masks!  Well she didn’t know what to do, where to look or where to go, her normal birthday party regime was thrown out the window and replaced with what can only be described as a zombie apocalypse!

Poor little lamb, asked to go home and then spent all evening running away from the Trick or Treaters and refusing point-blank to answer the door and hand out treats

Traumatised for life

I shouldn’t laugh but it was quite funny

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My little pumpkin, just before the ordeal!

Love her xxxx