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I think I’m slightly obsessed with Pinterest, and I have also introduced pinning to my husband too, which I think he may be cursing me for but hey ho anything is better than him playing that god damn annoying candy crush game!

I have two profiles, a personal and a business one. I have my fingers in many pies, not only am I a teacher, bookkeeper and crocheter but I am also a seamstress and I started up my own company called Aberteifi and Stitch where I do one offs, alterations, upholstery and anything else sewing related. I have everything ready to get it going properly apart from the money! (minor technicality!) so unfortunately this has meant it is not established any more than word of mouth which has kept me busy but not really enough to sustain the cost of living.

So Pinterest is great as it allows me to save loads of inspirational concepts/ideas that i can adapt for my business and I mean loads. I love Pinterest so much I even did a webinar on how to use, edit, sell, benefit from Pinterest…it was very illuminating and extremely helpful, I would advise anyone do this if they are planning on selling on Pinterest (not that I have got to that stage yet!).