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At the moment (until someone gives me a proper job!) I am supply teaching and due to childcare expenses and the instability of supply teaching, I can only really do 2 days a week. So Yesterday, I had my first of two days teaching and on this day I got sent by my  agency to a different school, one that I knew nothing about, didn’t know where it was or what type of reputation it had.

The day started out well, I got to the school in good time, found my way to reception and got a very quick brief of the school and layout (no map given, just an explanation of where each department was to be located).  I was given my list of lessons with the class subject, year group and room and noticed that I had the first period free! woohoo! Second lesson arrived and I found my way to the room without problem, got the kids in and settled relatively easily and got on with the lesson that was planned and organised for me.

So far so good

After the second lesson was a short break, followed by two more lessons then lunch and finally last lesson.  It was in the short break that I decided to go on my phone and look at zerotohero 30 days to a better blog challenge day 11 (I am somewhat behind!).  I went to the reader and looked up ‘supply teaching’, it came up with a few blogs and so I got to reading the one that caught my eye ‘When teaching isn’t teaching’ and after reading it, I left this comment:

That is a very scary prospect that you bypassed the British teaching qualification PGCE and have been “given” QTS status because you hold a Florida Professional Teaching Certificate that clearly does not come close to the level of training we have to go through to become qualified teachers. This is not fair on both you or the pupils and am glad to hear that you have not given up after the testing time you had whilst on cover. It sounds like you would definitely be more suited to a teaching assistant until you can get more supportive training. I’m so sorry your experience in this school was so bad, in my few years of supply teaching I have only had a couple of lessons without cover work provided and as a teacher if it were to happen I can confidently say that I would be able to occupy them for the lesson appropriately, in time so will you. Such an interesting read, thankyou for sharing this, and good luck with your teaching assistant training.

Ooooooh how I wished I hadn’t made this comment!!!!!!!

It turned out that not only were the remaining 3 lessons that I had left to teach hard going, they would also completely go against what I had just said! Talk about jinxing things.  The next 3 lessons tested my teaching ability and my self-control! I nearly lost it entirely by the last lesson, I think the words “self-righteous”, “childish”, “pathetic”, “neanderthal” and a few other choice words blurted out of my mouth, aimed at not one, not two, not even three individuals in one class but to five!!!!! It also transpired that these despicable lessons had pretty much all of the notoriously dangerous and disruptive kids in each year within them, aswell as not having any work set/organised for them, so improvisation was needed, which did not help matters much as two of the said lessons were chemistry and I am an RE teacher (luckily for me the last lesson was RE, so was much easier or me to create a lesson).

The day that had started out so well, with so much potential, turned out to be the teaching day from hell

Remind me next time I want to make a comment and feel slightly smug about it…..don’t!

Silver lining though The tales of Missus P. did help me to write this blog and for that I thank you