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I have a reputation as being a loud mouth, opinionated and stubborn, when in actual fact I am a loud mouth, opinionated and stubborn!

I know everything……or so I would have myself believe

To be honest I’m not even that intelligent, sure I can read and write well and I do know quite a lot about World Religions, music and sewing but I have a serious lack of knowledge on current affairs, politics, history, geography and war.  If I find things boring, I don’t even entertain them in my brain, whereas what I should be doing is finding more about them and expanding my rather stagnant knowledge.  I think this problem has stemmed from having mundane job after mundane job and slowly having the motivation for anything other than work, love and life sucked out of me

I need to re-evaluate myself and my being before I turn into Waynetta Slob!

Please feel free to poke with red-hot sticks until I get my butt into gear

Thanks, kindly