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This week my not so little bouncing baby boy turned 1!
Here come all the clichés
‘How quick has that gone?’
‘He’s grown so fast!’
‘That’s never a whole year gone!’
‘Where has the time gone’

It has been somewhat of a whirlwind year, unfortunately not entirely focused on him but then that’s what happens when there’s more than 1 child and that just adds to the level of guilt I feel (see next post).

A whole year and he has become such a loving, affectionate little boy, spending most of his time nuzzling into my neck and chest, wrapping his arms around my neck in a vice like grip. He gets rather upset when I leave the room or when he can’t hear me and if he hasn’t seen me all day, when he does, he bursts into hysterical crying but immediately stops when I pick him up. He most definitely is a mummy’s boy and happily for me ‘Mummy’ was his first word *smug grin*. He adores his sister although she still is really not at all fussed with him unless he starts taking whatever toy she is playing with of course!

The biggest love of his life (apart from me!) is his food, so far there is nothing he won’t eat and believe me when I say I have given him everything and he just eats it all. Granted, some things he will pull a face at but then will continue to eat it anyway. He is a very healthy, bouncing boy with a great appetite,  he is crawling like a demon and is cruising around everything but is not quite sturdy enough to walk on his own, but I am really not pushing him to walk on his own as I know that is when the “fun” really starts!!!! Argh!

He is picking up sign language quite well and can sign ‘thankyou’, ‘food’ and ‘mummy’ and he recognises all those too. He can say a few words but mainly just babbles.
So many milestones for just one year and so many more to come

Happy 1st birthday to my son
I love you immensely