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This has to be the easiest sewing trick that I have learnt so I thought I’d share it. As I am a very short person, I am forever shortening trousers to fit properly and I have several pairs of jeans that I have done this simple trick too.
Keeping the original hem on your jeans makes them look so much better than just turning them up, so this is how to do it.

Tools you will need:

Sewing machine,
Sharp scissors
Taylors chalk/fabric pen

Matching or coordinating thread


Firstly mark, using taylors chalk/fabric pen to the required length.






Next, fold them back so that the original hem line meets with your mark, right side to right side, pin to secure.

Sew as close as possible to the original hem line







I have sewn so close to the original hem that you can’t even see the thread! God I’m good ha!

Next you can do one of two things, you can chop off the excess or not and this is all really dependant on the amount of length you have taken up by. I choose to cut off the excess as I have already stated, I am short and so I have to take my jeans up quite a lot! But what I would advise you do before you chop the excess off is to do a zigzag stitch as close as you can to the sewing you have just done, this is to prevent the fabric from fraying and dangling down your ankle!

WP_20140407_010 - Copy






Finally, turn the right way round (if not already) and press
Et voilà an almost invisible hem on your jeans keeping the original





Thankyou and I hope you enjoyed this quick trick