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These last few months have been very creative, I made it my mission last year to have a ‘Homemade Christmas’ this year and it turned out quite well.  We started off in November, Lilwen and I made large paper snowflakes, spray painted them silver and glued all manor of glitters to them ready to hang in the house.


We then proceeded to involve the little man in our projects and made some (actually quite a lot!) of salt dough tree decorations and then with the left overs they did hand prints which we then made into reindeers.  There was an awful lot of glitter, glue, pompoms, ribbon, stamps and paper going on for these little beauties, it was a lot of fun and very messy.



We kept trying to involve the little man by going on walks in our home village to collect twigs and pinecones (of which our local park is under about 4 pine trees so it became a double whammy…collecting things and play!!). He was very good at finding the pinecones, not so good at putting them in the bag though, as he loved running off with them in his mouth…ewww!  When we finally got them home I had to dry them all out in the airing cupboard and when he was sleeping one day, Lilwen and I started to make our fab twig ribbon Christmas trees.  Lilwen was very excited about these and I loved teaching her how to tie knots in the ribbons to make them into branches, this was great especially because she does not have any shoes with laces in so will not learn how to tie knots and bows .


There were a few crafts that I didn’t think the kids would either enjoy/be able to do/want to do, so I delighted in doing them myself, such as the pinecone wreath and Christmas tree.  I thoroughly enjoyed making these of an evening with my gold spray paint, tiny baubles, red berries, ribbon and lots and lots of pinecones! I made a similar wreath last year for my mum and loved it so much I had to make myself one, the wreath was a pinterest find and just had to make it, it is beautiful at night with a set of twinkly lights inside.


The next craft that myself and the kids tried was gingerbread, Lilwen had a school competition where they had to make and create a gingerbread creation for the school Christmas market, so we decided to be different and not make a bog standard house, we made some bunting! We cut out stars, hearts and Christmas trees and then once baked decorated them in wonderful coloured icing and lots of sprinkles, glitter and piping.  Both kids had a wale of a time with the icing and decorations that we made far too much for the competition so we just had to keep some for home! Once dry I threaded it all onto ribbon and hung them with our hand threaded popcorn garlands.


Lilwen and I next made some gorgeous beaded snowflakes with all of her bead collection and a boat load of coloured pipe cleaners, this was one of those crafts that Lilwen enjoyed as she didn’t have to concentrate that much and was able to watch TV doing it! I threaded some cotton on the them and saved them for putting on the tree.


Next came the actual gingerbread house, followed by all of the wonderful things Lilwen had made in school over the December month, which where delightful and still adorn the walls in our house as they are amazing (not that I am biased or anything!)


I did crochet some snowflakes to hang on the tree but did not do as many as I  was hoping, so I gave them to my mum who I had made a beautiful garland of snowflakes for last year and she wanted more so It only made sense to give her what I had done. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of these, so I will have to amend this when I go up to stay with them!

I think that is all the Christmassy crafts that we accomplished this November and December, and I think it is fair to say that we did quite a lot and I have to admit that our house looked particularly beautiful (that was until the little man deicided to bring down the tree about 4 times!!!!)

All good fun, and I can’t wait for next year when we add to the ‘Ford Homemade Christmas’


I wish you all the happiness for 2015 and hope it brings you everything you desire