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I, am a bit of everything!

Vague? Well it should be, I am a collection of ‘not sure’, ‘maybe’, ‘sometimes’, ‘definitely’, ‘hmmm’, ‘well’ and ‘I’ll try’!

Confused? I certainly am!

I like to think that I am organised, methodical, tidy and neat when in actual fact I’m not (but don’t tell everyone!).  I have hair-brained schemes in my head that I start with good intentions yet petter off just as quick. I think I started my blog initially to record all the wonderful things about my children, as that is what most of my friend’s blogs are about (did I mention I am a bit of a sheep! I try to be original but fail most of the time, so I take most inspiration from friends and family). My blog seems to be manifesting into a bit of everything me, from my hobbies, bug bears, pains, frustrations and of course my family, somewhere where I can speak my mind freely.

I have opted to take part in yet another blogging course in the vain hope that I stick to it this year and become a better blogger. Last year I attempted to take part in the