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Day 2 of the blogging 101 course and to tell you the truth, I really didn’t want to change my name. Do you know how blummin long it took me to think of this one?!? As I have already stated (on numerous occasions) I do not have a great mind when it comes to thinking up something new and exciting. Most of the time my blog is very random, sometimes it will be about my kids, other times sewing or just whinging and moaning.
I did attempt to come up with a new name but my efforts were rather weak to say the least. The advice was to think of adjectives that describe your personality and have a play about with them to come up with something uniquely ‘you’, problem is all I could think of was: Crafty, arty, temper, highly strung, quirky and boring. Not the greatest of selections, so if anyone can think of something else, my name is staying the same.