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I think my dream readers would have to be the seamstresses.

I am an amateur seamstress and have been for a few years thanks to my mother.  She used to work from home when my sister and I were little, from birth all the way up to when we started at secondary school.  She used to work for Marks & Spencer’s tailoring clothing for their customers (which kept her very busy), she also worked for a local tailoring service back home in Oldham but unfortunately she got made redundant from there and since then she had to go back to working in factories making bandages and other medical clothing/equipment and has been doing that ever since (Keep in mind that she started working when she was only 15 and hasn’t done anything else in her entire life other than sew!).  I am now 32 and she is still sewing!

My mum is a remarkable woman, she can sew practically anything, I have seen her upholster bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, make wedding dresses (of which 2 of those were my sister’s and mine!), a million and one bridesmaids dresses, suits, Pyjamas, shirts, skirts etc. etc…………..

She has shown me how to sew and I know that if something goes wrong with my sewing machines or overlockers or even if I can not figure out a pattern, I know I can just call her up and she will be able to explain what to do.  Give my mum a computer, tablet or even a TV remote and she has no clue what to do but give her a sewing machine some needles, an overlocker and some fabric and she can create magic!!! And most of the time I have no idea how she did it.

She has helped and inspired me to become a seamtress and follow in her footsteps, although I do not do it as a profession like her, I lack in some skills and do need a bit of assistance ever now and then.  I started up a little company because of her called Aberteifi and Stitch

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I don’t really have that much time to dedicate to it, but it’s there and I am desperate to get more of my creations up on there, my theory was to get it up and running and rope my mum in later on when it takes off, and it just so happens that my parents are planning on moving down to my neck of the woods in the coming year so she will need a job to keep her busy ;).

I want to thank my mum for teaching me her skills, but also the seamstresses here in the blogosphere who have helped me no end with their pages, videos, tutorials and responses to my questions, you are all amazing and keep on being great at what you do.

Thanks in advance for all the help and advice you fellow crafters may give me (I need a lot!!)

Here are a few things that have helped me so far: