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I am a little behind (already? I hear you say!!) on the 101 blogging course and as of yet have still not published my ‘About me’ page nor have I edited my tagline (they are being worked on but I do not have enough hours in the day to tweek/add/edit/write what I want, when I want to).

So tonight, whilst my hubby is practicing more tattooing (on himself!) I thought I would get on with the other assignments, and I have played around with my header, colours and generally personalised (spelt with an ‘s’ not a ‘z’ as I am British!) my blog.

DSC_0272 DSC_0271

The latest assignement was to ‘be a good neighbour’ (again spelt with a ‘u’ and not without!) and I posted some comments on their blogs (granted, they were always very constructive but I did do as I was asked).

First off I went to https://ivanorozco.wordpress.com/ who did a post about being a good neighbour and wrote about all the blogs they had visited, which I thought was a very good idea as it helped promote not only their blog but the 4 blogs they visited too.  So I pinched the idea! Thanks Rompecabezas 😉

I then visited https://debooworks.wordpress.com/ who actually made me laugh, out loud for the best self advertising…ever! in the 101 blogging common room by, and I quote:

‘Greetings Humans

Follow me or die’

Simply brilliant!!! (that was actually my very constructive insightful comment too), thanks Debooworks 🙂

I then went onto https://jeannesspiralpath.wordpress.com/ mainly because they are also starting a blog and learning all about the intricacies of finding inspiration, personalising and publicising oneself, so I felt I should support and comment on their blog.

I followed this up with a visit to https://hogriderdookes.wordpress.com/ who I mainly visited because they said they were from Cornwall UK, I love it there and I also have family there too. In their post about the above assignment, they also promoted the 4 blogs that they had visited and commented on, which brings me to my final commented post of today.

This final blog I visited was https://hogriderdookes.wordpress.com/ and she had me in stitches from the moment go, very witty, well written blogs.  I read a few of her posts but I especially loved the post titled: My dirty little blogging not-so-secret secret which only highlighted all the of the reasons why 101 blogging course is a good thing to complete (she says, when she only got up to day 20 of last years zero to hero blogging course and is already behind on this year’s one when it’s only day 8! arrggghh).

I hope you go and have a look at these blogs as they are good, and even though I have just worked out that I did not actually comment on some of their actual blogs but on their post within the 101 blogging common room, I do hope that this fulfils the task for this assignment? As I have run out of blogging time tonight and need to go to bed ready for a days teaching tomorrow, so tough.