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jan 20 2015                                                        I kid you not, this is the last picture I have taken!!!!

There is a story behind this too, trust me.

Like many people I own a smartphone (and a pretty decent one at that too! Sony Xperia Z3 with an amazing 20.7mp camera on it). I digress, the phone has basically replaced my actually camera and so I take pictures ALL the time and today was no exception.

I told you there would be a story behind this random photo…It all started when I asked my husband to take away the world’s ugliest fireplace and surround (note the cream section on the wall to the left of the gadgets in said picture).  He happily removed it and filled in the holes left in the wall (that were making the house very cold).  So we are now left with a square blank wall, so I thought in my infinite wisdom today I would move the kids toy chest in front of it until I had decided what wallpaper to replace the old with (a whole other story!!!! See the samples I have on the wall at this present time!).DSC_0244And herein lay the problem, my husband was on a training course and I had a 1-year-old for help! So, knowing that I would get something wrong or get distracted I took a photo of where all the cables should end up before I took everything apart to move and clean.

I thought I had done pretty well, it took me a lot longer than I had hoped but I did it and even managed to get everything working, that is unless you wanted to watch TV… that I cocked up and am still trying to get channels on it! oops

This post was a Daily Prompt I saw today and thought it was quite appropriate after today’s challenge

Tomorrow I need to decide on a wallpaper…………………………………………………..