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dream dinner partyToday’s assignment in blogging 101 was to follow on from what we published on Monday where we had to use a Daily Prompt as a starting point. Today, we are to explore that same prompt through the eyes of our fellow bloggers.

Although I didn’t want to do that because I fell upon a fellow blogger named Lance Greenfield who for his Monday post, published his dream dinner and I was having so much fun trying to create mine that I lost interest in my initial post (A moment in time…which to be fair was a tad boring and lacked direction).

So here it is, my dream dinner party for 6 of my favourite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, dead or alive.

Firstly I would have to invite Beethoven, I am a big fan of his work and his ability to create such diverse pieces of work astounds me, plus, would it be rude being the host to ask him to play a few pieces too?!

Next to Beethoven I would place Queen Elizabeth I, my favourite monarch! She was the last of the Tudors, the creator of the Elizabethan age, she was bold and courageous, extremely well-educated, very tolerant and seemed like such a lovely lady to know.  I would most definitely want to ask her what she really thought of her half-sister Mary too!

Now, to the controversial invite, Marilyn Manson, I have loved this guy since I was about 12! Not in an attractive way but more of a psychological way, I find him fascinating.  I like many types of music but at heart I am a rocker and Marilyn Manson was my companion throughout my teens up to today and so he has influenced me in many ways, although I would not go so far as to say I am a groupie but definitely a fan.  I would question however, his choice to become part of Anton La Vey’s Satanic group.

I would sit Marilyn Manson next to Bruce Lee…who wouldn’t want to meet Bruce?! He is a legend (and annoyingly my fellow blogger Lance told me he actually met him….very jealous!) So Lance I would invite you so that you could chat some more to the very lovely Bruce.  I love all of his films and would probably get him to rein act scenes from most!

Finally, I would invite my favourite artist Salvador Dali. His work is mind-boggling, I can not even begin to fathom where he got the inspiration for most of his work and where he started on them! I have all his works in several books and spend a lot of time perusing them.

All in all I think that this is quite an eclectic mix of people and it would be amazing to converse with them all, I really don’t think much food would be consumed at this event but lots of fun would be had by all.

Who would you invite?

This post is in response to Lance Greenfield’s gentle persuasion, to read his post click here

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