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What do all these have in common:

Are they artists, writers, movie stars, pop singers?

Nope, none of that, they are infact some of the pupils in a year 8 class that I taught today!!!!
What were their parents thinking of by calling their children these names?!? I can just about let Tarrin and Lorenzo slide but ROCK !!! In my opinion that is  just as stupid as ‘Blue’ (Beyonce’s daughter) and ‘Apple’ (Chris Martin’s daughter).
Parents really need to think about what they are naming their children, a name can shape or break a child and in a school environment with the cyber bullying, mental and physical abuse rapidly increasing in our society the risk that something as simple as a name could be so detrimental to their life.
A name is important it can give confidence, inspire and guide people and also attach stigma whether it be positive or negative. When we were deciding on our children’s names we spent years beforehand talking about it, reading name books, discussing likes and dislikes, even what letters sounded best with our surname! we eventually decided on two, 1 boy and 1 girl and as we didn’t know the sex of our first born it was going to be one of them.  It turned out to be a girl and she is called Lilwen- It is a Welsh name meaning ‘White Lily’ and is a rather old name so not very popular but well loved here in Wales.  We chose Welsh for a number of reasons: we live in Wales and we wanted our kids to be brought up speaking Welsh and immersed into the Welsh tradition and culture.  Although my English family did have an influence in what name we chose as most of the ones that we wanted, my family and most of my husband’s Scottish family struggled with the pronunciation! Names such as Gwawr, Llyr, Osian and Gwenllian.  Our second born actually turned out to be a boy, so his name was decided on already and he is now called Gwion.  Another Welsh name which unfortunately does not have a literal meaning but is seen as being a very powerful and strong name due to the fact that it is within the ‘Mabinigion’ the Welsh book of stories which date back to the 12th century.  To anyone who isn’t Welsh, our name choices are obscure and unusual and probably you would be unsure of their pronunciations but the thought process, planning and research that went behind them is extensive and it is all for one purpose….the child.

To name a child some ridiculous fad, famous actor/ess, film, fruit!! is labelling your child with a potentially negative outcome for their life.  Be sensible about your decisions and think of one thing and one thing only when you are naming your beautiful bundle of joy…..them!