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I can’t tell you how excited I am at seeing the advertising appear for my favourite programme. They always start by introducing the contestants:

There are some good ones this year, I always like to see men entering competitions like these and this year is no exception, there are 2 from the army, a youngster that since filming the series has gone onto become a dresser in the west end and a sports physiotherapist with a flair for crafts. I am so excited to see how everyone does. To top it all, it started tonight and they have gone back to the 2014 contestants, It has had me in stitches re-watching all the tasks they completed last year and how amazing they all were. Since the programme I have started following one of the contestants Jenny


Take a look, she is a hoot to read and learn from, she also posts hilarious pictures on her instagram site too.


I can’t wait for the competition to start next week, just gutted that my mum and I aren’t part of it.  We were in the process of entering for this series but my mum got cold feet and wanted to pull out!!!! I did not want to do it without her so I did too, next series we WILL be entering as a mother and daughter combination (producers will love that! we hope)