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This weekend I have been mainly decorating, painting walls and furniture and stripping wallpaper (which is taking FOVEVER!!!!) so I have had the radio on a lot to ease the boredom of wallpaper stripping.  The radio, if I am honest never inspires me or even motivates me as no matter what station you listen too, they always repeat everything, so this week my first music Monday track was from a film we watched ‘John Wick’.  I really enjoyed the film but there was one song in it that reminded me of my youth.

The song was called ‘Killing strangers’ by Marilyn Manson (a massive influence in my life since about 12 years of age)

I love this song and his voice, it brings back such good memories and I have been looking back a lot today as it is my birthday and that’s what we seem to do the older we get.