About Me

 My core beliefs are equality, happiness, family and love, probably quite generic to everyone really.

I am a mother of 2 in my 30’s and I am balancing the idea of equality with a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, it is quite a challenge and so to help me with this I often blog about my family, the quirks, pitfalls, issues, comedy and lots of general moments to savour.

I enjoy being happy, although I must admit that I am a very highly strung individual who struggles with happiness from time to time, but the things that make me happy aside from my family are my hobbies.  I am finding that with my blog these are starting to take over, as I am starting to use them more as an escapism to the ever day humdrum life and a kid free zone too! (love them but my god I need some time on my own every now and then!)

I have many qualifications and certifications such as a degree in Religious Education and Philosophy, PGCE in Religious Education secondary and college, as well as a personal license and a Diploma in Finance, Accountancy and Secretarial skills.

I have a wonderful husband who I met at Lampeter university 14 years ago and we finally got married 7 years ago and have stayed in Wales, living in a beautiful, quiet town called St Dogmaels (or Llandudoch in Welsh).

I am a teacher but work supply across all local secondary schools at the moment as it is extremely hard to find a permanent teaching position around here (Once a teacher gets a job around here….they stay!). We are not willing to move, so we will sit it out until that ‘dream’ job appears, hence why I have lots of other qualifications and certifications so that I can always find some sort of work if needs be.


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